What They Say about La vie

I’m in my late 60s and after using the La Vie Time Reverse Serum and La Vie Youth Defying Night Crème for two weeks, my skin is now less dull looking.

After using the La Vie Time Reverse Serum and the Youth Defying Night Crème for a month, I’ve been receiving compliments from my friends on how my skin is looking younger and fresher than before.

I’ve always admired people with clear and glowing skin, and desire to have skin that don’t require makeup (in particular concealer and foundation) to look fresh. I love how the La Vie Intense Lightening Serum adds an immediate and long-lasting luminous glow to my skin right after application. This serum has now replaced my makeup foundation!

I like the scent of both the intense lightening serum and regenerative day white crème, very refreshing. Their textures are very silky and light. I noticed a glow to my skin after 2 weeks of application.

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